I‘m interested, what you need?

After getting the payment we will need the type of business to be collected from google. Mostly by a region within a country. Lets say: 

  • Restaurant New York
  • or maybe Hotel London
  • or perhaps School Amsterdam 

I don‘t get it with provide Region, what you mean? 

So if you want to get all the restaurants in California state, then the query "Restaurants in CA" will not give you all the restaurants in this state, You should do multiple searches by cities in the CA state like below.

  • Restaurants in Los Angeles , CA
  • Restaurants in San Francisco , CA

And some times search by city will also not give you all the results if the city is big, in such cases its better with a search by the Zip codes, below are a two sample search terms.

  • restaurants in Los Angeles, CA 90001
  • restaurants in Los Angeles, CA 90002

How can I get Google Business Listing Emailadresses?

Email address is not shown on the google maps but it does show the website of the business, the app goes to the business website and tries to extract the email address if available, its usually found on contact page.

Is that only for Google Maps?

We are specialized also on other Maps and resources like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Yelp leads, Search.ch, local.ch and many more!